Data Tools for COVID-19 Decision Making

Links to Track Transmission Levels of COVID-19

Dear CGSD Family,

In order to keep you up to date on where the county and school district stand in regards to our community levels of transmission, I am providing you with two links that will allow you to track the transmission levels in two separate formats.
The COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring System Dashboard tracks the transmission levels by seven day increments.  Once you click the link, you may choose Greene County for the information.
The second resource is Main Line Mama PA COVID-19 Statistics and Visualizations.  This website is updated daily and provides county level, township level and school district related transmission level information.  Once you click on the link, you may choose a county to view.
If you wish to view a school district's updated data, you may click on the following link.  This will give you information regarding the townships that make up the school district.  If you click the tab "School District View", it will provide you with the data for the school district.
Stay informed and stay safe.
Kevin M. Monaghan, Ed.D.
Central Greene School District