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WCCC Early College

Early College is designed for motivated students with good academic and attendance records who wish to get a head start on college.  While still in high school, students can complete up to 30 semester hours of general education coursework or even earn a college certificate by enrolling in regularly scheduled online and/or on-campus courses at WCCC.  


  1. Must be a junior or senior in high school.

  2. Have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

  3. Meet the college’s requirements for entry into the course.  (Accuplacer placement text)

  4. Obtain written permission from a high school administrator

  5. Obtain written permission from parent or guardian.

  6. Meet with WCCC Admissions-Special Programs Coordinator.

Process for students who want to take early college classes at any WCCC location.

1.       Complete the WCCC Application for Admission online.

•         Go to

•         Click on Apply Now

•         What type of student are you?

Select “First time student wanting to take college credit classes (Click here)”

•         Create an Account

•         Tell us about yourself…

•         Complete the contact information, anticipated entry term and answer Yes to: Are you attending     

          as a high school Student?  YES

•         Complete the Account Information and then click Create Account

•         After creating your account, continue on to begin the Application for Admission

•         Complete all required fields and click submit at the end of the application

2.       Have your high school counselor/principal or home school evaluator complete the online “Dual Enrollment Permission Form.” The Dual Enrollment Permission Form is available at  under the Admissions section of the website.

3.       After completing the application process, eligible students should contact the Admissions Coordinator/Special Programs, at 724-925-4064 to schedule your courses over the phone.

4.       When you receive your tuition bill in the mail, be sure to pay it by the deadline listed on the bill.