Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Love

First name: Mr. Last name: Amor, as in I'm going to teach Amor art than you can handle.

Job Title - Defense Against the Lame Arts Professor

Room # 016. The year of the monkey.

Electronic Mailing Address -

Digits - 724-852-2722 extension *2016

Self Reflection/Prep Time - 8:18 to 8:58

Perks of being in my class - I laugh at all of my own jokes so you don't have to, but you probably will anyway because I'm hilarious.

About Me 

In my spare time I enjoy going on imaginary adventures with my 12 cats, Snowball, Snowflake, Snowshoe, Snowman, Snowstorm, Snowbird, Snowcap, Snowfall, Snowowl, Snowbank, Snowy McSnow Face and Pete. 

Not once have I ever (nor will I ever) roll a suitcase that has wheels on it.