• Classroom Rules

    Classroom Rules

    1. First and foremost, all WCHS student handbook rules apply!
    2. The teacher’s desks and all related contents are off limits unless otherwise specified by her only.  (Mutual respect is imperative.  I am not allowed to bother items in your locker either.)
    3. “Hovering” around the teacher’s desks/podium between class changes is not allowed.  (It not only annoys me but also makes it difficult for me to do my job.)  Be seated as soon as possible – before the tardy bell rings – and be ready to learn!
    4. All materials, i.e. books, which are to be covered at all times if applicable, composition books, pens/pencils, etc., are to be brought to class every day.  That does not mean that you may bring a classmate’s materials.  Remember that you are responsible for the book you are assigned.  Thus, if it comes up missing, you pay for it regardless of who may have lost it.
    5. THINK!  The use of common sense is very necessary if you are to succeed in our class and in life.  (I shouldn’t have to tell you to think, but for those who may have forgotten about that process over the summer, a special reminder:  THINK!)