• Raider Wellness


    What is "Raider Wellness"?

    The Raider Wellness Program is a District wide initiative that focuses on student personal and social development.   The program focuses on student development through a tiered system of interventions and supports that all students of the Central Greene School District will participate in through classroom lessons and group and individual sessions.  Raider Wellness with build the student through character development, life skills training, and drug and alcohol prevention and awareness. 


    Tier 1 - All Students

    Botvin Life Skills Training

    The Life Skills Training Curriculum will be incorporated into each student's Health Class.  Students will learn skills, role play, and process the skills to use in their everyday lives.  The training focuses on self-image and improvement, goal setting, tobacco use, coping skills, assertiveness skills, communication skills, drug abuse, decision making, media influcences, and peer pressure.



    This class will focus on student personal/social skills development through the use of various lessons and programming such as Positive Actions, Kindness Matters, and Beyond Differences.  


    Tier 2 & 3 - Referred Students.  This information remains confidential.

    Student Assistance Program (SAP)

    SAP is a free program available to all students.  The program focuses on barriers to student learning.  Barriers could be a number of influences that occur in the school, home, or community.  Referrals are often submitted for students with attendance/truancy issues, repeated social conflicts, executive skill deficits, etc.  

    SAP pairs the student up with a teacher to identify the barriers and develop strategies to overcome them so the student may focus on being academically successful.

    Family Behavioral Resources - Outpatient Therapy and Psychiatric Services

    Students who would benefit from Counseling/Therapy on a weekly basis but encounter barrieres to recieving this service outside of school benefit greatly from this service.  An FBR Therapist meets with referred students once per week for a session.  Students are pulled from applied academic classes (specials - PE, Music, Family Consumer Science, Tech Ed, Art) so that they do not fall behind in their academics.  FBR also offers a psychiatric component that is optional to families.  You may choose to utilize one or both services through FBR.  This support will bill your health insurance.  If you do not have health insurance, a Value Behavioral Health liaison will assist you in getting the coverage you need.

    CARE Center - Individual or Group Therapy

    The CARE Center focuses on Individual and Group Therapy sessions for Drug and Alcohol use.  The CARE Center offers services to students who encounter(ed) substance use/abuse from a family member or caregiver and how it has impacted them.