• Articulation development

    When children's sounds develop.

    Below are the developmental age norms for sound development via the American Speech-Language Hearing Association:

    *Age 3 ( p, m, w, b, d)

    *Age 3 1/2 ( n, k, g, t, f)

    *Age 4 (y)

    *Age 5 (l)

    *Age 5 1/2 (v)

    *Age 6 1/2 (ch, sh)

    *Age 7 (j)

    *Age 8 (s, z, th, r)

    This explains when 90% of children should have mastered the sounds listed.  If the child has not mastered the sound by the end of the age listed, they will be screened for speech-language support.  Language referrals can be made by the speech pathologist, classroom teacher, parent or other educational staff. 

    **A child with a lateral production of sound can be assessed at an earlier age.

    **A child with dental structure that prevents successful articulation therapy is not eligible for speech.

    **Students with sound errors/phonological processing errors that are consistent with normal development are not eligible for speech services.