Keep Breathing

  • 1.  Mindfulness Activities for Kids

    Positive Psychology  Mindfulness activities

    Pathways2Success   10 Mindfulness Activities to Do Today


    Free Remote Wellbeing Resources

    Institute of Positive Education  Wellbeing Resources


    2. Kindness BINGO card

    kindness bingo


    3. Trace the mindful pictures

    dolphin trace

    sea horse trace


     4. Glitter Jar activity or Find-It Jar

    glitter jar

    Find-It Jar

    • Use an old peanut butter jar...Clean it out :)
    • Search for a handful of little items in the house (key, charms, dice, penny, marble, sticker, etc)
    • Pour rice and add the items layer by layer. Don't fill the rice to the need room to shake it.
    • Seal the top.
    • Have fun! Change it up every once and awhile for variety. :)

    find it jar


    5. Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness Resources for Home

    U.S. Career Institute homepage

    • Overall Health and Wellness
    • Mindfulness Resources

    • Fitness and Exercise at Home

    Thanks St. Paul's Troop 40, Scout Hailey for the suggestion of this link. :)