• Curriculum and Instruction

    Curricula in the Central Greene School District are one of the most dynamic areas of work in the district. Each year, various content areas are at different levels of the design, implementation, and evaluation stages of development. The Central Greene School District has adopted curriculum for Math K-12, Ecology and Physical Science at the high school level, as well as, Social Studies and Language Arts at the middle school level. 

    The Director of Academic Accountability and Innovation, along with the administration, ensures the implementation of research-based curriculum and instructional strategies geared to deliver relevant, rigorous, and engaging learning experiences for all students. Students must learn to think critically, problem-solve, communicate, and collaborate to be successful in today’s global society.

    Students learn better when they are engaged in real-world applications.  The goal of the Central Greene School District is to create dynamic, engaging, student-centered classrooms that integrate technology and higher-order thinking skills for all students.