• Chemistry 1 – Waynesburg Central                       

    Classroom Rules and Expectations / Safety Contract


    Mr. Matt Brandstetter

    Room S103

     Classroom Rules:

    1. Be Prompt – Get to class on time, bring your book, something to write with, be prepared to work, and participate in class
    2. Be Respectful – Be respectful of the teacher and your classmates
    3. Be On Task – Do what you are supposed to be doing
    4. Do Your Best


                Grading will be simply on a point scale. To calculate your grade at any time in the semester, divide your total number of points accumulated by the number of possible points. Grading will include the following: tests, quizzes, homework, lab reports, participation, and a research project.

    Make-Up Work

                All make-up work must be completed within one week of the day absent.

    Extra Credit

                You may earn up to ten bonus points per nine weeks grading period. This is not enough to raise a ‘C’ to an ‘A’. Extra credit will help you only if your grade is borderline. I do not round grades. If you think you are close to the cutoff, try to earn some bonus points. Bonus points are earned for cleaning up the lab outside of class time, or awarded randomly in class.


                Homework is a large part of your grade. It will become a larger and larger portion of the grade at the year goes on. If you fail to complete a homework assignment, you will not be allowed to hand it in later for partial credit. If you are absent for a homework assignment, you will be given an extra day to complete it for full credit. Homework and project reminders will be sent out via remind.com. To sign up text @wbgchem to 81010 (Honors Chem: @wchshc to 81010)


                No food, drinks, or gum are allowed in the room. They can potentially become contaminated by chemicals. Gum may react with chemicals or absorb vapors. Throw away any of these upon entering the room.

    Labs and Lab Work

                Labs will be a part of the chemistry curriculum. Safety procedures will be reviewed and a safety quiz will be given before labs are begun. Lab partners will be assigned for lab work.

                Safety goggles must be worn at all times in the chemistry lab. Shorts, open-toed shoes, and long hair are prohibited. No horseplay or unauthorized experimentation will be tolerated. It is the teacher’s right to deny participation of students in lab. To avoid losing lab privileges, keep a pair of old shoes, and long pants in your locker.

                Caution must be used in handling all chemicals. Respect and be knowledgeable of the chemicals being used in lab. Read the labels. If you are unsure about a chemical being used, ask.