• AP Psychology Introduction

    Intro to Psych/Materials Needed on the First Day

    AP Psychology

    AP Psychology Syllabus

    Advanced Placement Psychology:  The Scientific Study of Mind and Behavior
    Social Studies Elective
    Grade:  12


    Is there a “sixth” sense?  How accurate is eyewitness testimony?  Is schooling an effective method for raising IQ?  Are emotions innate or inborn?  Do parents make a difference in a child’s upbringing?  Does money really make people happy?  Does the brain control different parts of the body?  Can we condition fear into a person?  These are all examples of the many questions that will be addressed throughout the course.  Students will explore both historic and contemporary research on observable behavior and the intricacy of the human mind.  AP Psychology is a writing intensive class that introduces and examines major ideas and concepts equivalent to an introductory college level course.  This course requires a research project, tests and quizzes with essay formats, note taking and frequent independent or group work.  This AP Psychology course is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals.  Course content ranges from the biology of the human body to abnormal psychological disorders.  In addition to having a greater appreciation for their own human experience, students will begin thinking more critically, demand more evidence, and keep an open mind to research that may be contrary to their own beliefs and perceptions.  Most importantly, students will discover and analyze why we do what we do. 

    Students completing this course must take the Advanced Placement Psychology Exam. 

    Materials Needed On First Day of Class: 

    1.  Three Ring Binder OR medium to large notebook
    2.  Lined/3 hole punched loose paper to add into three ring binder (if you choose a binder)
    3.  Folder
    4.  Pencils/Pens to your need

    *note*:  These materials will not be provided to students throughout the year.  Therefore, it will be the responsibility of each student to bring these materials (along with their assigned textbook) to class each day.