• Jeff Coss

    All about Mr. Coss:                                                                                                               

    Room S107


    Pd. 1-Integrated Science Inclusion S102

    Pd. 2-Biology Inclusion room S106

    Pd. 3-Integrated Science Inclusion S102

    Pd. 4-PREP  10:12-10:52

    Pd. 5/6-Biology Inclusion S108

    Pd. 7-Lunch

    Pd. 8-Integrated Science Inclusion S102

    Pd. 9-Integrated Science Inclusion S102

    Pd. 10- Biology Inclusion S106

    Best time to reach me is 10:12-10:52.  I can be reached at 724-852-1050 or at the following email address: jcoss@cgsd.org


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