• Honors Chemistry

    This page is for Honors Chemistry. The current research project assignment should be at the bottom.

    Current Research Project

    Waynesburg Central High School

    Honors Chemistry - Research Project

    First Nine Weeks


                Each nine weeks period you will be responsible for a research project. You will choose a topic, and conduct your own research. You will compose a paper (four page minimum) and give it a decorative cover.

                The first nine weeks topic of the research projects is Chemists. You should choose a famous chemist that you would like to research. There are many chemists who have a short bio in your textbook. Write down your top three choices on a note card. The note cards are due September 8th . Preference will be given to people whose note cards are handed in on time. Make sure that enough information exists on your person to conduct research.

                Papers will be due Wednesday, October 24th. This does not mean that you can't turn the project in early. (or late with a deduction)       

                The paper should be in 12 point, Times New Roman font. The spacing should be 1.5 and the margins should be 1 inch. (just like this page) The last page of your paper should be a bibliography (works cited). Use the format supplied to you in your English classes or linked on my webpage.

                The project will be worth 100 points. Points will be deducted for late note cards, and papers.

    No papers will be accepted after October 25th .

    In your project you should include:

    -          A short biography of the chemist

    -          Where they conducted their research: country, university

    -          What area of chemistry did they study

    -          What significance does their work have to modern chemistry