• Chemistry 1

    This page is designed for Chemistry 1 class. The current research project assignment should be at the bottom of the page.


    Waynesburg Central High School

    Chemistry Research Project


                This year you will be responsible for a science presentation. You will choose a topic, and conduct your own research. The topics do not have to be in the field of chemistry, but they must be approved by Mr. Brandstetter. Write down your choice on a note card. Note cards will be due Sept 8th. Make sure there exists enough information on your topic to conduct research.

                We will be learning about Windows Powerpoint, Prezi, Moviemaker, and Photostory and preparing a presentation for the class. You will need to do an exhaustive search of references, especially if you have a very current topic. Remember that you will be doing a presentation on the same information, so in doing your research, you might want to collect pictures and graphics to be used later.

                An outline of your presentation and your works cited page will be due the first nine weeks. These should be in no later than October 25th. You will receive 25 points for the works cited and outline. Your works cited should contain no less than 8 sources, at least three in print. Make sure you reference all of your sources. Plagiarism will be given no credit. Use the works cited format supplied to you in your English classes or linked on my webpage.

                The second nine weeks you will compose a research paper on your topic. The paper should be at least three pages, one and a half spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins. Papers will be due January 4th. They will be accepted late on the 5th with a deduction. No papers will be accepted after the 5th. The papers will be worth 75 points.

    The third nine weeks you will have to complete the presentation. These will be due March 22nd, they will be accepted late on the 23rdwith a deduction. No presentations will be accepted after the 23rd.  You may hand the project in via CD, jump drive or e-mail. (mbrandstetter@cgsd.org) The project will be worth 25 points.

                The fourth nine weeks we will present the projects. You must present your powerpoint, Prezi, Movie to the class. Students should be ready to present starting in May. These will be peer graded as well as by Mr. Brandstetter. The presentations will be worth 75 points.  Points will be deducted for late note cards, outlines and presentations.