• Rules for Physical Education Class

    1.  There is to be NO food or drinks in the gym, pool, fitness center or locker room areas.

    2. The gym is to be entered through the glass doors from the commons area only.

    3. You are considered late for class if you are not through the glass doors when the late bell rings.

    4. You have approximately 5 minutes to dress and be out in the gym and pool area after the late bell rings.

    5. Locker room conduct --- There will be NO:

                                                                                        - Waiting for friends

                                                                                        - Rough play of fighting

                                                                                        - taking of others posessions

                                                                                        - Vulgar language

                                                                                        - Running or chasing

                                                                                        - Destroying school property

    6. Secure your valuables.  Lock them up.  Each student will receive a locker and a lock.  Locks must be returned at the end of the semester.  There will be a charge for any lost locks.

    7. Stay out of equipment room and leave all equipment alone until the teacher gives the O.K.

    8. Report all injuries immediately to the teacher.

    9. No dangling or potentially dangerous jewelry shall be worn.

    10. No climbing up the side or front of the folded bleachers.

    11. Follow all school rules

    12. Be responsible

    13. Be polite and respectful of others

    14. You will be dismissed at the end of class.  Do not leave on the six minute bell.

    15. After class, you're to wait in the gymnasium or pool area until the passing bell.

    16. As stated in the student handbook, WCHS does not permit students to use cell phones and personal listening devices, it will be confiscated.

    Fire Exit

             ** Use the side hallway doors and enter grass area outside beside the science wing.