• PMEA Audition Information

    Students interested in auditioning for a PMEA Festival should be aware of the procedures of the audition.

    Students should tell Ms. Brickner as far in advance as possible if they are interested in representing WCHS at a choir festival. Ms. Brickner will provide the music and work with students to ensure they are ready for the audition process. Students will attend the audition at whatever school it is taking place at. From the second we leave WCHS, it is understood that the student is a representative of not only themselves, but WCHS and CGSD. Upon arrival, students will register and wait for further instruction. Typically, the group of auditionees will run through the entire piece of music selected before the auditions begin. After that, students report to selected classrooms within the school to have a blind audition for other choral directors, where they will be scored for accuracy, vocal technique, and other categories. After all students have been heard, the selection committee will make decisions on who was passed through to the festival, and those students are notified.